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LC WORK SCHOLARS: Return on Investments

June 1, 2018

LC Work Scholars more than doubled in size over the last year thanks to generous support from the Idaho Legislature.  The investment in our students and community has already seen strong returns. To date, the program has watched 10 students graduate debt free from student loans and has helped numerous others keep their student debt load under control. Students are leaving LCSC with a degree in hand, valuable work experience in their career field, and a fraction of the debt their peers accumulate across the United States.

Return on investment is measured in multiple ways by Brooke Hallman who works as the Lead Developmental Math Tutor in LC’s Math & Science Tutoring Center. Not only does Hallman tutor her fellow students, but also attends developmental math courses to see how each instructor wants concepts taught.  She then shares this information with the Center’s other tutors, making sure that everyone is on the same page while helping LC students succeed in math.

Shane Kinzer, also working on campus, is a Biology Lab Manager.  Kinzer helps maintain two research labs, schedules student work shifts, serves as the point of contact if problems arise, and provides training to new lab technicians.  Additionally, Kinzer was selected for an Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) summer fellowship on LCSC campus and comments, “This experience is essential for my future educational and career goals.” Kinzer also co-authored a paper that was recently submitted to the scientific journal Genes, Genomes and Genetics.

HallmanbrookeBrooke Hallman, Lead Developmental Math Tutor in LC’s Math & Science Tutoring Center

Stmartinkerianagrad Mortar BoardRecent graduate Keriana St. Martin set her goal of graduating debt free early on and proudly advertised her achievement on her mortar board during the spring 2018 commencement.

Of the numerous off campus worksites, the program has two interns working for the Snake River Community Clinic (SRCC), Levi Jeppson, the clinic’s Physician’s Assistant Student/Pre-med Resident and Cassy Glaser, a Nursing Student Assistant. According to Director Charlotte Ash, “SRCC has helped over 4,000 students with clinical and/or community experience at our free clinic. These students have been exposed to the unique needs of low income persons who do not have regular access to health care.”

The program’s goal is to provide access to higher education through work-based learning opportunities.  New Work Scholars will be welcomed into the program this fall 2018 in both Lewiston and Coeur d’Alene.  Students in the program offset their need to rely on student loans by earning financial assistance and gaining valuable on-the-job experience, offering them a pathway to employment after graduation. In exchange for 170 hours of work per/semester, our students receive a tuition scholarship and stipend. LC Work Scholars connects college to career.

Work Scholars work 10 hours a week during the academic year and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in exchange for a tuition scholarship and stipend. This one-of-a-kind program in Idaho is funded by the Idaho State Legislature. All departments and divisions are encouraged to apply. Off campus businesses are encouraged to contact Erin Cassetto at (208) 792-2084 or Further information can be found on the Work Scholars information page.

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