Work Scholars

LC Work Scholars Overview

LC Work Scholars provides access to higher education through work-based learning opportunities. Students offset their need to rely on student loans by earning financial assistance and gain valuable on-the-job experience offering them a pathway to employment after graduation.

Why Work Scholars?

  • It is estimated that by 2018, 61% of all jobs in Idaho will require either a college degree or certificate (Don't Fail Idaho)
  • 71% of Idaho's 2015 college graduates took on debt to attend a public or private university (Institute for College Access & Success)
  • The average 2015 Idaho student graduates with $ 27,639 in student loan debt (Institute for College Access & Success)
  • LC Work Scholars have graduated with an average debt load of only $ 10,742, less than half the state average. 

How Does LC Work Scholars Work?

  • Students work on- or off-campus jobs during the academic year
  • Students receive a tuition scholarship and bi-weekly stipend to cover expenses
  • Supervisor/Advisor/Work Scholar meet at 3 times each semester
  • Students may apply for internship credit for work
  • Volunteer service is required of all Work Scholars

Seven Performance Expectations

  • Attendance
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Respect
  • Learning
  • Job-specific expectations

The complete version can be found on our Applications & Forms page.

How Many Hours Do Students Work?

  • Students work the equivalent of 10 hours/week at assigned position
  • May work up to additional 8 hours/week depending on department need
    • Worksites receive prior approval
    • Worksites are responsible for paying additional hours (minimum wage laws apply)
    • Worksites may choose to employ their Work Scholar over the summer (minimum wage laws apply)