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  • All applications must be typed using 12 point font
  • Handwritten applications will not be accepted
  • Worksite applications will be accepted at anytime
    • DEADLINE: To be considered as a Fall 2021 worksite, applications must be received by Februrary 12, 2021
  • Send completed applications to


Fall 2021 Application Deadline: 
February 12, 2021

Employment Levels Table
Entry Level Intermediate Level Skilled Level
Characterized by highly structured tasks or outcomes, relatively low level or number of skills required, typically repetitive or routine tasks and requiring direct supervision of worker results Involves less direct supervision than entry level, more work variety, and requires some independent exercise of judgment along with an increasing knowledge of the job. Work is typically skilled, requires little direct supervision, requires independent judgment on procedures, has variety, includes training others, and the expectation of contributions toward improvement of the way work is carried out.

Adapted with permission from Lewis-Clark Service Corps AmeriCorps and Berea College.