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The Lewis-Clark State College Health & Wellness Committee is committed to supporting the health and well-being of college employees. To help achieve this goal, and at the request of the committee, college officials have authorized allowing up to 60 minutes a week of Warrior Wellness Release Time for those employees desiring to participate in wellness activities during working hours. Supervisory approval is necessary to determine when this release time can be utilized during the week to minimize disruption within the department. 

The 60 minutes may be used all at once (example: taking an hour-long exercise class on or off campus once per week) or divided up during the week (example: adding 15 minutes to a lunch hour four times a week to allow time to change clothes before and after a workout). Wellness activities include, but are not limited to, exercise classes and activities and/or events that serve to promote or improve the employee’s overall health. This release time does not carry over into the following week if it is not used.

After receiving permission to participate from a supervisor, an employee must fill out a Wellness Release Request Form and have it signed by the supervisor before participating. A review of the employee’s use of Warrior Wellness time should occur annually. If an employee has a supervisor change, the new supervisor must approve the employee’s release time.