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Testing Center

LC State Faculty Forms

The LC State Testing Center is here to provide proctoring services for LC State online and hybrid classes, on-campus class makeup exams, and exams for LCSC students with approved accommodations. 

**Entire face-to-face class tests are not proctored in the Testing Center**

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about testing procedures and policies.

Due to the busy testing schedule delivery to mailboxes will not be available during Midterm and Finals Week.

For all types of exams if scratch paper or notes are allowed during an exam these items will be collected when the student finishes their exam.  Instructors should indicate if they want the notes or scratch paper shredded or returned with the test on the form when submitting test information.

Students will NOT be allowed to leave with any notes or scratch paper they used during a test.

Form For Online or Hybrid Class Proctored Exams Only

**This form is not used for makeup exams, see the Makeup Exam section below**

At the beginning of each semester, LC State faculty that teach online or hybrid classes and require their exams be proctored, must fill out the online Proctored Exam Submission Form.  This form will give the Testing Center all the information necessary to proctor the exams.  Information for up to 5 exams can be entered on the form.

Instructors must inform the Testing Center of any changes to their original submission made during the semester via email. Any changes must be emailed to the Testing Center right away to ensure students are given correct instructions.

If an instructor approves a student to test before or after the set test dates listed on the Proctored Exam Submission Form the instructor must inform the Testing Center via email of the approval before a student will be allowed to schedule an appointment.

Forms For Fully On Campus Classes

Makeup Tests for Fully On-Campus Classes - for a student to test early or late

**Do NOT fill out this form for online or hybrid classes that require proctored exams.  Please just email the Testing Center with the students name and the dates they are approved to test outside of the date range you have already submitted**

Instructors teaching on-campus classes have the option to utilize the Testing Center for makeup exams if a student will miss or has missed a test in class.  The instructor must fill out and submit the Makeup Exam Cover Sheet before sending students to the Testing Center to schedule an appointment.

If the student in question has approved testing accommodations, always use the "On-Campus Accommodations Exam Cover Sheet", even for makeup tests.

Paper exams can either be emailed  or hand delivered to the Testing Center.

This form must be on file with the Testing Center before the student will be allowed to make an appointment. 

If multiple students need to make up the same test, more than one student name can be put on the same form.

Students must contact the Testing Center themselves to schedule an appointment for their makeup test, appointments are not to be made by the instructor.  

If a scantron is required for the test, the instructor must provide the scantron. Otherwise the student will be told to write directly on the exam.

If you chose to have the exam returned to your mailbox it will generally be done within 2 business days after exam completion.

Exams For Students With Approved Testing Accommodations in Fully On-Campus Classes

**No form is needed for online or hybrid classes that already require proctored exams.  The Testing Center will already have all test information on file from your exam submission**

Students will be scheduled the same day and time the class takes the test, unless given permission for a different day or time by the instructor.

It is the responsibility of the student to schedule their appointment with the Testing Center, at least 1 week ahead of time. 

The Testing Center will send an email to the instructor's lcsc.edu email address requesting the test and cover sheet.

Instructors must fill out the Accommodation Exam Cover Sheet prior to the test date and submit it to the Testing Center. 

Paper exams can be hand delivered or emailed to the Testing Center. 

If mulitple students need to take the same test, more that one students name can be put on the same form.  

If scantrons are required for the test, the instructor must provide the scantron. Otherwise the student will be told to write directly on the exam.

If you chose to have the exam returned to your mailbox Testing Center staff will do their best to have it delivered within 2 business days after exam completion, though there may be times this is not possible.


Lewis-Clark State College
Testing Center
Library Room 161
Phone: 208-792-2100 or 1-800-879-0453
Fax: 208-792-2564
Email: testing@lcsc.edu