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Testing Center

Proctor Request - LC State Students Testing Off Campus

If you are an LC State student who cannot come to the LC State campus Testing Center or to one of the preapproved Outreach Centers, you must request a proctor online by filling out and submitting the proctor request form below. 

Review the Proctor Qualifications before completing this form.  It is the students responsibility to find a proctor that meets one of these qualifications.  Once a proctor has been found, proceed with filling out and submitting the form. Please read items 1 through 7 below for important information.

Students can check the National College Testing Association (NCTA) website for testing center close by.

Rules for Proctor Request Form Submission - Read Carefully Before Submitting the Form.

  1. All proctored exams must be administered in an educational or professional setting.
  2. Please check with the proctor site you would like to test at to find out their rules for testing ahead of time.
    • Just because your instructor says you can use your book or have notes during the test does not mean that your test site will allow it. LC State students will adhere to the approved test sites rules.
  3. Students must use a computer provided by the proctor. Students' personal computers/laptops cannot be used.  
    • Proctors may also be required to download a lockdown browser. ¬†Instructions for this download are sent by the Testing Center to the proctor via email.
    • If your chosen proctor cannot download the Respondus Lockdown Brower, if it is required, you will have to find a different proctor.
  4. A Proctor Request Form must be submitted for each separate test you need to take, even if you are using the same proctor.  

    Ex. If your class has 4 tests that need proctored, you will fill out the Proctor Request form 4 times, once for each test.
  5. Please submit this form a minimum of one week prior to opening exam date to ensure your request is processed in time for your test.  Requests submitted less that one week priot to the opening date may not be processed in time for the student to test.  Do not delay, get your form in right away!
  6. If testing at the LC State Testing Center or any of the outreach centers, DO NOT fill out a proctor request form.
  7. Proctor requests can be sent in as far ahead of the test as a student wants, however please remember the minimum 1 week rule.  Requests will be processed 3 business days prior to the appointment listed on the request. Once processed, an email will be sent to the student confirming the request has been processed.

REMINDER:  Submit your proctor request form a minimum of one week before the test opening date to ensure the LC State Testing Center has adequate time to process the request.  Any requests submitted less than one week prior to the test opening may be delayed and your proctor may not get the information in time for your appointment.

Proctor Request Form - LC State Students Read carefully the Rules for Proctor Request Form Submission above