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Testing Center

LC State Distance Students Finding a Proctor


An LC State student can make an appointment with one of our pre-approved outreach centers.  Contact the Outreach Center closest to you for an appointment.  A Proctor Request Form is not required when using a pre-approved outreach center. There is no fee for LC State student to take an LC State class test at a pre-approved outreach center.  Fees for placement testing may be required.


An LC State student who cannot travel to the LC State Campus Testing Center in Lewiston or to a pre-approved Outreach Center, can arrange to take their exams with an outside proctor by requesting a qualified individual who meets one of the the required Proctor Qualifications.

Students can check the National College Testing Association (NCTA) website for testing center close by.

Even if a proctor was previously approved, students must submit a Proctor Request Form for each exam in each class.

If a qualified individual agrees to proctor a student’s exam, the student must submit the Proctor Request Form. This form should be submitted no less than 1 week before the test is scheduled to open to ensure adequate processing time.  Any forms submitted less than 1 week ahead of time may not be processed in time for the test to be taken.  Do not wait.  The proctor request form(s) can be submitted as early in the semester as a student wishes and will be processed as the test open up. 

The Testing Center evaluates the form and, if approved, sends the appropriate testing materials to the proctor via email 3 business days before the appointment date or test open date listed on the form. Students will receive a confirmation email once the testing information has been sent out.  If there are any issues with the proctor request students will be sent an email with the issue within 1 day of the form being submitted.

Students are not allowed to use their own personal computers or laptops for proctored exams. The proctor must provide a computer for the student to use for the exam and the exam must be proctored in a professional setting.  Some exams may require the proctor download the Respondus Lockdown testing browser.  Instructions for this are included in the email to the proctor.  If your test requires this browser make sure your chosen proctor will be able to complete this download.

Proctor Request Form - LC State Students Read carefully the Rules for Proctor Request Form Submission above

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