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Tennis Center

White Saturday Mixed Up Doubles Tournament Intermediate Mixed Up Doubles - Saturday after Thanksgiving


SPONSORED by DR. TIM FLOCK (Lewiston Orthopaedic Associates)

FINAL RESULTS of 2015 event 

FINAL RESULTS of 2016 event

FINAL RESULTS of 2017 event


Lewiston Orthopaedic Associates (1)WHEN:  Saturday, November 30th 2019

TIME:  9 am till 3pm (estimated)

LCSC Tennis Center

WHO: Intermediate Doubles (approximate combined level of players 7.0 to 8.0)
This is open to players ages 15 years and older.
Teams can be men's doubles, women's doubles or mixed doubles. 
The number of entries will determine the draw format to facilitate the maximum number of matches for each  participant.

DRESS CODE: Participants are encourage to wear as much white as possible.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: Tuesday, November 26th via email kfong@lcsc.edu 
In the email, please indicate who your doubles partner will be, or indicate you like us to find you a partner.
Please also include your cell phone number. The draw will be limited to the first 16 pairs to sign up.

ENTRY FEE: $20 each person. Players will receive a souvenir to commemorate the event.

1. Each match will be one set to 6 or 8 games with no tie-breakers

2. The number of entries received will help determine the draw format and the scoring format (whether it will ad or no-ad scoring)
One of the goals of the event is to provide as many matches as possible to each participating team. 

3. A handicap scoring system will be used. The basic premise is that the team who is behind in the set, will get one point for each game differential. There is a 3 point cap to the each game.

As examples:
Team A leads 1-0 in the set, Player B will start 15-0 ahead in the next game|
Team A leads 2-0. Team B will start 30-0 ahead.
Team A leads 3-0. Team B will start 40-0 ahead
Team A leads 5-4. Team B will start 15-0 ahead.

4. You will be notified via email when the draw and schedule will be ready (probably by Thursday afternoon)
And they will be posted on this page