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Tennis Center

Fee Structure and Services This facility is open to public usage for a reasonable fee.

The Tennis Center is open to everyone!

The basic usage rate is $6 a person per hour. 
It will make sense to purchase a month's pass if you have the opportunity to play a lot for that month.


WALK IN- $6 an hour per person

ONE PERSON for a month is  $36.00

MARRIED COUPLE for a month is $54.00

IF YOU ARE 59 YEARS and younger

WALK IN- $6 an hour per person

ONE PERSON for a month is $48.00

MARRIED COUPLE and children under 18 years of age living
in the same address for a month is $72. 



A FULL TIME FACULTY/STAFF (30 hours or more)....
you have complimentary court usage. 
The Tennis Center does not receive any portion of the student activity fees. 

Please bring your current LCSC ID to the courts each time.

The rate for Alumni / Non LCSC students / part time LCSC students(less than 9 credits LCSC students) is $6 an hour. 

The Tennis Center offers a full range of services to the tennis community.  

For game development, tennis instruction is available year round.

The more serious player can indulge in customized individual lessons.

There is also a one credit college class in tennis which meets twice a week on MW from 12pm to 1pm.

Racquet Stringing : Be prepared to leave your racquet(s) for a few days. 
Prices include labor and strings. 
Natural Gut          $65 and up
Full Polyester       $26-$35
Polyester Hybrid  $24-$30
Nylon/Synthetic Gut       $22-$30

Labor only (you provide the strings) - $13 to $18 depending on racquet type/model and string type
Head guard/grommet installed (labor only) - from $10 and up
Grip or overgrip replacement - $2 to $10
String/racquet frame recommendation - free of charge

For recreational play, there are existing doubles groups to join, and singles leagues for the more competitive minded. The doubles groups range from pretty competitive to the ultra casual "let's meet for coffee after".  If you need assistance to make new tennis friends, call up the front desk 208-792-2309. There are also two locally sponsored tournaments, the long standing Annual Fazzari's Tennis and the Lewiston Orthopaedics Black Friday/White Saturday Doubles.
For the absolute beginners, tennis racquets, balls (and even tennis shoes) are available for use to those who temporarily do not have the proper equipment. There is no charge for the equipment usage.

In this day and age, to keep up with the trends, we even offer designated court times during the winter months to cater to a portion of the pickleball community seeking a warm, sheltered facility to sustain their passion for the game. The dedicated pickleball times are Tues and Thurs from 9am - 1pm

If you prefer a non physical activitty engagement with the sport, you can always support the LCSC Tennnis Warriors. The Warriors, consisting of student-athleres from ten different countries, play primarily a Spring schedule. However, you can usually find them occupying the courts in the afternoons during the academic year. Many of the internationals will be excited to share their culture and ethnicity with anyone who are curious.