Study Away

Ready to Apply? You've Chosen a Program! Now What?

COVID-19 ALERT: Study Away opportunities are subject to cancellation depending upon CDC guidelines.

Applications are being accepted for Summer and Fall 2021 programs.

Follow these steps in order and you will be on your way!

  1. If the student has not done so already, s/he should discuss suitability of the desired program with his/her academic and financial advisors. The student should then complete any required NSE or ISA applications, pay the applicable application fee(s), and fill out the LCSC Study Away Application.
  2. Students must complete the Study Away Advising Form, acquire all needed signatures, and return form to the Registrar's Office.
  3. Students who have self-identified conditions to the Counseling and Disability Services office are recommended to continue working with this office. Students who desire ADA accommodation must notify Disability Services office a minimum of two months prior to the application deadline for the intended study away program. Prior notification is not required, but not doing so in a timely manner will prevent adequate accommodation.
  4. The student must complete the Conditions of Registration in Student Planning, and make sure s/he has been released for registration. S/he should then sign the Add/Drop form for the appropriate SD 200 course to act as a placeholder while the student earns credits studying away.
  5. At the end of each semester studying away, the student is responsible for ordering an official transcript to be sent to LCSC. If an official transcript has not been received by the start of the next semester, there may be delays in financial aid and the ability to register and attend classes.