Study Away


Foreign Language Learning Resources

The majority of LCSC students who study away will take classes in English, and most of LCSC's partner institutions do not require exchange students to be familiar with the official languge of their country. We, however, do suggest that students equip themselves with, at least, the basics of the official langauage of the country where they will be studying. 

The following resources are great places to start your language learning journey. 

General Phone & Computer Applications

The applications listed below offer study resources for multiple languages. 


“Learn a language on the go with our iOS and Android apps. Continue learning even without wifi, with an offline mode to keep going in those hard-to-reach places.”


“HiNative is a global Q&A platform for language learners. Ask and answer questions about language and culture with native speakers around the world.”






LCSC is not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the above resources.