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Study Away Crisis Management


All summer ISA and NSE programs have been canceled until further notice.  No Study Away applications are being accepted at this time for foreign or domestic programs.

When a crisis occurs in the study away realm, students and their loved ones turn to college officials and expect a response that is calm, thorough, and effective. They and others within the LCSC community and beyond will also ask what steps the institution has taken to prevent and prepare for an emergency. While it may be impossible to anticipate every type of crisis, there are well-established protocols and action plans that colleges and universities across the country have shared with each other. International Education organizations such as the Forum for Education Abroad, the Peace Corps, and NAFSA, Association of International Educators have published best practices in study abroad crisis management. This document is a compilation of best practices from those sources.


When a crisis occurs, campus leaders often need to make quick decisions. This crisis management plan is designed for quick referral and is predicated on pre-travel risk mitigation and routine staff training.


Incident Report

Crisis Management Plan