Student Counseling Center

Substance Abuse Assistance LCSC Policies and helpful programs

If you or a friend have questions or concerns about alcohol and/or drug use, abuse or dependency, to schedule a free assessment and/or an appointment, please contact: Student Counseling Center, (208) 792-2211, Sam Glenn Complex Room 212.


Students may be referred to a group educational and intervention program called Choices Alcohol Education Program, which is a brief alcohol abuse prevention and harm reduction program which consists of one group session.

  1. Choices: (90 minute session) addresses the student's drinking behavior as it relates to perceived drinking patterns and presents facts about drinking and possible associated risks of alcohol use. Additionally students learn possible strategies to reduce the risk of their alcohol consumption along with alcohol self monitoring techniques.
  2. SCC will notify the referring office with signed release of information from the student authorizing such disclosure.


BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) has, as its primary goal, moving a student in the direction of reducing risky behaviors and harmful effects from drinking, as opposed to focusing explicitly on a specific drinking goal such as abstinence or reductions in drinking. BASICS is conducted over the course of three 1-hour interview sessions.

  1. In the first interview, the facilitator assesses the student's consumption pattern.
  2. During the second interview, the facilitator provides personalized feedback based on the assessment, including specific suggestions about ways to reduce future health risks associated with alcohol use.
  3. The third and final interview is a follow-up conversation about progress made towards the student's goals.