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From left to right: Leif Hoffmann, Kerensa Allison, Laura Earles, Eric Martin, Amy Canfield, Amanda Van Lanen, Kylee Britzman

Describing and understanding humanity from a basis of observable evidence and examining human organizational and individual roles within their respective environments is at the heart of the Social Sciences Program.

The Social Sciences Major is a liberal arts major that provides a balance between domestic, regional , and global issues.

The major, when taken as part of an integrated secondary education program, is designed to prepare students for teaching certification in Idaho. The major program has four emphasis areas:


Antique Roman Artifacts

Anthropology - the gateway to becoming the next Indiana Jones or Bones...


The Watsons store at Nez Perce National Park

Ever wondered how events of the past have shaped societies today?


An American state capitol building

Interests, Ideas, Institutions... Learn how government works at home and abroad


Crowd of humans at Sea World

Where do you fit in society?

Social Scientists of the Future: Come and join them!