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Group photo of students in LCSC's Pyschology program

LCSC Psychology students presenting their research to a wider audience.

What can I do with a Psychology degree?

Psychologists pursue their research and human service interests in clinics, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and military  and government agencies, as well as a variety of other health and social services organizations. Psychology majors find employment with community agencies, local, state and federal governments, private industry, research organizations, and within settings such as clinics and hospitals.

In addition, a psychology degree is strong preparation for graduate school and many other helping professions including health and medicine, law enforcement, personnel, and social work. Internationally, interest in psychology as a science is growing rapidly in third world nations, and the offerings of psychological services, in many nations, are growing.

Our graduates' strong research skills have proven valuable in seeking employment and acceptance into competitive graduate programs, including Arizona State University, Columbia University, University of Washington, University of Idaho, Gonzaga University, Pepperdine University and University of Texas.

To make Psychology YOUR career choice, contact one of our Psychology Faculty Advisors: Professor Rhett Diessner, Associate Professor Rachelle Genthôs, Assistant Professor Manee Moua, Assistant Professor Leanne Parker, or Professor Teri Rust.

What is Psychology?

Involved in the scientific study of the mind and behavior, psychologists, using the scientific method, discover and create knowledge about human beings as well as help better the human condition through psychological services.

What courses do I need to take at LCSC?

The set of required courses in the Psychology major is congruent with guidelines of the American Psychological Association. While most sub-disciplines in the field of psychology are included in the program of study, developmental psychology, social psychology, and counseling/clinical psychology receive particular emphasis as bases for graduate study. View our Psychology Major Requirements and a recommended Course Plan.

You can also view the requirements for a Psychology Minor, if you have selected another major.