Security Office

Ticket Appeal Process Disputing your ticket

If you feel you have received a ticket that you don't feel is justified, you can fill out an appeal form. Please explain why you are not guilty of the offence you received the citation for. If you feel there are extenuating circumstances that forced you to park where you received the citation, please explain them. Any documentation, witness statements, or information that would further clarify your situation must be submitted at the same time as the appeal. They may be emailed to or for attachment to your online appeal.

You must include signed statements from any witnesses whose testimony you wish to be considered by the Appeal Committee. This includes full name, and contact information for all witnesses that are not employed by LCSC.

It is your responsibility to follow-up and check the status of your appeal if you do not receive a reply.

The Security Office is not responsible for: Incorrectly listed email addresses, undeliverable emails, lost mail, incorrect phone numbers, disconnected phones, or inoperable voice mail.  

All appeals are decided by the Ticket Appeals Committee. The Ticket Appeals Committee meets weekly during the semester. Appeals will be decided and turned over to the Security Office for final processing. Due to time constraints some appeals may be tabled until the next meeting. No late fines or holds will be placed on accounts for tickets which are in the appeals process. Once the paperwork has been completed you will be notified by email of the status of the appeal.

You have 10 days from the date you are notified to either pay or make other arrangements or a late fee will be added and a hold placed on your student account.

If your appeal has been denied and you wish to request an Appeal Review

 You may request an appeal review with the Ticket Appeal Committee. Request for such a review must be made in writing to the Security Office or by email within 10 days of the notification of the decision.

To qualify for a review

 A statement containing new information (not a re-hash of the previously submitted information) must be submitted to the Security Office within 10 days of receiving the decision of the Appeals Committee. If there is not sufficient new information to review, the Appeals Committee will deny the appeal for review and that decision shall become final.

If a review is granted

You will be notified via email that the request for a review has been granted and they will review any statements or information that has been submitted. A decision will follow and you will be notified via email of its outcome.

After reading the above instruction and you do meet the requirements above you may fill out an appeal form.