Security Office

Forms property, bikes, vehicle use, access

Access Control is a responsibility of Campus Security who work with the Physical Plant to help ensure the campus is safe and secure. Property and bicycle registration programs are available for everyone. We encourage the use as they help property get returned to the rightful owner in case of loss or theft.

Property Registration 
Fill out the form with make, model and serial number and we will keep it on file to help return the item to you if lost or stolen

Bicycle Registration 
Information will be shared with the Lewiston Police Bicycle Registration Program

Key/Access Request 
For all access to buildings, offices or classrooms

Student Vehicle Use 
Must be completed by driver and supervisor or instructor

Vehicle Registration Form
Complete form with all information and take your reference number to the Security Office with the appropriate fee for your Parking Permit

Vehicle Use Form
Before driving state owned, rented, or leased vehicles fill out form and bring to Security Office with your driver's license for driving record checks

Student Travel Form
This form is to be completed for any College-related overnight travel that includes students, such as athletics, academics, clubs/organizations, etc.

The Clery Act requires institutions of higher education to collect, count, and classify reports of crimes from four general categories: Criminal Offenses, Hate Crimes, VAWA Offenses, and Arrests and Referrals for Displinary Action. Use this form to report crimes or to complete your Campus Security Authority (CSA) annual reporting requirement.