Security Office

Firearms on Campus Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a non-functioning weapon to campus for a presentation or reinactment?

     Answer: Yes, if you recieve permission from the President's Office or designee. Forms requesting permission are available online or can be found in the Security Office.

Can I designate my personal office area or the classrooms in which I teach classes as “no concealed weapons” areas?

Answer: No. Idaho statute applies to all areas of campus.  However, unauthorized disclosure/brandishing  of weapons, whether intentional or accidental is not permitted, nor are verbal comments which create a threatening environment. Contact Security if these situations occur.

Do normal lab and work area safety policies continue to apply?

Yes. Individuals will still be responsible for following lab or workshop area safety restrictions (proximity to live electric circuits) or in situations where concealment is not practical (swimming or diving classes).

If I have a permit (per Idaho law) for enhanced concealed carry, am I also entitled to open carriage of firearms on campus?

Answer: No.See the firearms policy for steps needed to obtain permission from the President of the College for case-by-case exceptions under which open carry is permitted.

Does LCSC’s policy on firearms only treat intentional display as a violation?

Answer: No. The policy applies to accidental/inadvertent as well as intentional display or brandishing of a firearm.

Do restrictions (no concealed carry) on Harris Field and the Activity Center apply at all times, or only for the duration of scheduled large events and games?

Answer: The restriction applies at Harris Field and the Activity Center at all times.

If an LCSC activity is being conducted off-campus at a facility whose owners prohibit firearms, do the owners’ restrictions apply?

Answer: Yes. LCSC firearm policy does not override restrictions which may be in place at facilities owned and operated by outside organizations and agencies.

Who should I contact if I see a policy violation or detect a threat?

Answer: Contact Security (792-2226) or local law enforcement without delay.

Is there a secure location on campus where I can store a firearm?

Answer: Yes. The Security Office has the capability to store personal firearms on a short- or long-term basis.  Security operates on a 24/7 basis every day of the year. Contact them if you have questions or need assistance.

Where can I learn more about receiving enhanced concealed weapon training?

Answer: Contact your local Sheriff's Office

Where can I find out more about how to react to active shooter situations?

Answer: See Security web site. Training on this area is available upon request from the Security Dept.