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Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Role & Mission

The goals of the Natural Science Division are:

  • to provide well balanced professional programs leading to four year (B.S. and B.A.) degrees in science and mathematics,
  • to provide programs for the preparation of high quality science and mathematics teachers,
  • to provide basic science courses for the general education of those preparing for non-science careers, and
  • to provide one, two, and three year transfer programs.

Specific objectives of the programs include:

  • providing students with specific science and mathematics skills and competencies so they may fulfill individual career objectives,
  • providing students with an awareness of the social role, importance, and responsibilities of scientists and the world community of science,
  • preparing students for transfer to universities and colleges offering more specialized professional preparation programs in science and mathematics,
  • providing students with a general education foundation in the sciences and mathematics which promotes both personal growth and ability to interact and communicate successfully with other people, and
  • aiding students in the attainment of personal and intellectual attributes for thoughtful decision making.

Preparation for medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science:

  • Students interested in seeking entrance into these professions normally need to complete a baccalaureate degree prior to admittance to a medical, dental, or veterinary school. In most cases, the student should complete a major in biology or chemistry and a minor in some area of humanities.
  • LCSC actively encourages students interested in these professions. Advisors in each of the fields will work closely with the student in planning course work and in preparing for the entrance exams and interviews that are prerequisites for acceptance into a professional school.