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Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Computer Science

What is Computer Science?

There are many problems that make up the field.  How can you make a computer think?  How do you design an interface for a product that is intuitive and suits the needs of the user?  How do you ensure users of their privacy and security when performing transactions online with sensitive information?  How do you make realistic and low-cost terrains for video games?  Programming is an important component, but documentation and design are equally crucial.

You WILL learn how to think 

Computer Science and Mathematics deal with abstractions, the high-level information, which you can then apply to design and build concrete objects.  If you can think, then you can solve a lot of problems in every day life.  Computer Science also paves the way to delve into other specialties - Physics, Economics, Psychology, and Biology.

Job opportunities 

There are tremendous CS opportunities in fields such as the pharmaceuticals, education, security, healthcare, and the list goes on.  Computer Science at Lewis-Clark State College is designed to prepare students for industry or graduate work. The required major courses are characterized by a balance between theory and application. The Computer Science major is a traditional computer science curriculum, mathematically rigorous and is based on the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) core curricula recommendations.   The curriculum is designed to be very flexible and allow students to use credits from the Associates of Information Systems and Information Systems Analysis towards this degree.  In addition, the courses contain sufficient practical projects that prepare students for programming or software engineering positions. The degree is also designed to allow students to use biology courses towards the degree for students who are interested in pursuing a bioinformatics degree in graduate school.