North Central Idaho Small Business Development Center

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Make an appointment for:

Professional, Confidential business consulting at no cost to you:

  • Call the North Central Idaho Small Business Development Center at: (208) 792-2465
  • Send an email to our front desk:
  • If you have not met with us in the past three years, register online HERE.
  • Or, pick a consultant to contact: Our Consultants




Please note, the Idaho Small Business Development Center at Lewis-Clark State College does not provide legal advice, legal services, or any tax advice.  The previously mentioned includes any individual, entity, or institution whatsoever affiliated with our office.

Please further note, we do not represent you or your organization as an attorney, and no attorney-client relationship is formed either through any communication, including electronically in any format, or through any service(s) offered by the Idaho Small Business Development Center, Lewis-Clark State College, or any other affiliated individual, entity, or institution. As those mentioned above do not offer legal services, legal advice, or tax advice, for any legal/tax questions, issues, or advice, please contact a qualified attorney and/or certified public accountant.

Go to the Idaho SBDC website to register online for consulting.

This is what you can expect as you go through the registration process:

You will be asked for your email address.  This will be your login ID.  Then you will be asked to create a password.  If you have previously used the email address to register for consulting or when attending training, you will already be in the system.  You will be asked to provide your name and address and demographics about yourself and, if you already have a business, some information about it. If you have specific subject areas you would like to discuss during the consulting, you can list those.  Then you will be asked if you are willing to receive surveys about your progress or not.  A paper form of the registration is available to preview.

If you do not already have an appointment, within a couple of days after registering, you should expect a phone call or email from us.  Please notify us if you are not contacted.

Email Contact

Write to and request a consulting appointment.

Phone Contact

Call (208) 792-2465 and ask for a consultant.

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