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Business Learning Do you ever know enough?

During this COVID-19 era, we have switched from live workshops to live and recorded FREE training webinars.

The SBDC offers a variety of affordable workshops. Our Workshop Schedule and Registration are on our state website.  Lewiston workshops usually cost less than $100.

     General workshop topics, offered on a regular basis :

               • Business Fundamentals with Feasibility, Valuation, Marketing, Websites, and Financials,

       • Start-up Regulations with records, licenses, registration, taxes, and planning.

               • Building Your Knowledge Base Can Build Your Business.

Business Learning

• If you are in internet information overload and still have questions, we may be able to help. Let us know what your questions are. We offer individual Business Consulting at no cost to you. If we don't know the answers, we might find them for you. Give us a call: (208) 792-2465.      

• If you would like a customized workshop for your employees, contact us.

• Custom Research is available through your consultant from

• Individual or team Student Projects for your business might be available through your consultant.  

• The LCSC Business Division offers academic courses and degrees.

• The LCSC Business Technology and Service Division offers more programs.

• The Resources section of this site has links to more learning. is one of the best.

LCSC Workforce Training also offers workshops.

Are you ready to look at our North Central Idaho Workshop Schedules?

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