Safety Committee

Trees in front of Reid Hall with Fall foliage

Actions Taken by the Safety Committee resulting from reported concerns

Safety Concern FalL 2019

Why is there not a database with everyone’s approved vacation days that would assist in unnecessary searches for a ‘missing’ person during the moment of evacuation? Everyone agreed this approach would not work for LCSC because we don't think this would be an accurate measure of those on campus due to unexpected absences for sickness or a sick family member or a person off campus due to an unplanned event, like a late lunch, errand or doctor appointment. At LCSC each building has a trained building evacuation coordinator (BEC) and a building evacuation monitor (BEM) for each floor of that building.  In the event of a fire the designated BECs and BEMs go from room to room ushering people out in the event of an emergency evacuation.  After The BECs and BEMs have cleared the building, as best they can without endangering themselves, they stand guard at all the outside entrances to ensure no one re-enters the building until fire fighters or other emergency responders take over the process. 

Action Taken by the Safety Committee

Action to assist in evacuating buildings already in place with trained building evacuation coordinators and building evacuation monitors. 


A large pothole located on 6th Street next to the curb outside the Administration building poses a safety hazzard.


Because this is not LCSC property, the director of the Physical Plant indicated we have to submit the safety concern to the city. The form was submitted and the city indicated they will fill the pothole when the asphalt projects begin in the spring. 


Vehicles speeding on 4th Street parking continues to be a complaint. 


The following upgrades have been made, the speed limit of 15mph was painted on the street, and the speed limit signs have been replaced with larger speed limit signs.  Security is also collaborating with the grounds crew by asking them to jot down plate numbers of speeders to share with Security.   


Electrical space heaters are hazardous.  They draw high levels of electrical current which can overload electrical circuits, increase risk of fire, lead to electrical failures, increase the risk of personal injury due to tripping or burns and increase utility bills. 


Because employees rely heavily on space heaters for comfort in many buildings during the winter, the Safety Committee agreed faculty, staff and students should be part of a campus wide dialog to determine what we want for LCSC’s energy consumption, the green footprint we want to achieve and to determine how we want to move forward as a campus to eliminate space heaters one building at a time and to comply with the State Policy. That said the Safety Committee will make a formal recommendation to Executive Administration to invite all members of campus constituents to discuss and to determine how we will move forward on our energy consumption, green footprint, and eliminate space heaters as a group. 

January 2019 Update: Because of the Safety Committee's recommendation to Executive Administration, a working group/task force was formed to tackle the issue. The group will review state policy regarding space heaters, safety and energy consumption and make further recommendatons to the Vice President for Finance & Administration. 


Lighting concerns reported along 6th Street after sunset.


Avista is installing four street lights from 11th Avenue to 10th Avenue along 6th Street before March 30, 2018. 


Vehicles speeding on 4th Street parking continues to be a common complaint. Ongoing action taken by the safety committee:


A parking lot study commenced Spring 2017 to collect data regarding traffic behavior and speed on 4th Street parking. The data recorded on 4th street showed the average speed was 14 mph. 

Speeding is most active in the morning between 7-8 am.  Security purchased a speed gun in October 2018 but they cannot always be present on 4th Street. People continue to speed when Security is not on site with the speed gun.  The committee will  advocate for the installation of another stop sign outside the Student Union Building.   

 Safety Concern reported December 2016:

The 4th St. speeding discussion led to another re-occurring safety complaint from students, faculty and staff; crossing the street to campus is a safety hazard at 4th and 11th, 7th and 4th, 7th and the Library and, 7th and 6th Streets.  Cars are not stopping for pedestrians in cross walks. 

Action taken by the safety committee:

ASLCSC reported flags have been purchased to help people enter campus safely at cross walks.  These flags will be set up on a trial basis at four cross walks.   The pedestrial flags cannot be installed until the city gives their approval as they will be installed on city property. The Vice President for Finance & Administration and the President of the Associated Students of LCSC (ASLCSC) will meet with the Director of Public Works for the City of Lewiston on March 7th to discuss this topic.  

Safety concern reported December 2016:

A person reported a trip fall injury due to a cracked sidewalk near Talkington Hall.   The Director of Physical Plant indicated there is money earmarked for repairing the sidewalks.

Action taken by the safety committee:

Physical Plant repaired the cracked sidewalks around Talkington Hall.  There is money left to repair one more area which has already been identified as the sidewalk near the Library behind the parking lot.

Safety concern reported December 2016:

A faculty member tripped over a thick cable in a classroom holding several wires together from the wall to the lectern in the Sam Glenn Center.  The committee talked about contacting IT to see if using wire molding or rerouting the cables under the floor to prevent the tripping hazard would work. 

Action Taken by the Safety Committee:

 IT corrected the issue by extending the cables so they run the length of the table next to the lectern.  Once past the desk, the cables were bent directly to the wall at a 90 degree angle so they are not in the way when standing at the table. For the run that is not under the table, the cable was encased in a humped cover instead of the round tube.   Then the cables were covered in tape down the raceway so they don’t move and, yellow and black caution tape was added to remedy the tripping hazard.

Safety concern reported December 2016:

Human Resources reported a safety hazard.  HR said employees are not aware they can request help from the Physical Plant to move heavy boxes to prevent back injuries. 

Action taken by the safety committee:

An announcement was placed on MyLCSC to inform employees they can contact Physical Plant for help by completing the short “service request” located on the first page of their website. Security said there is a tutorial for proper lifting at:  The website tutorial entitled "back injury and lifting"  is located in the extra training portion under the environmental section.

Safety Concern Reported December 2016:

An employee reported sharp points of flashing at the East entrance of RCH. She said she takes her kids up those steps and could see little kids getting cut on the sharp points of steel sticking out.

Action taken by the safety Committee:

A work order was entered with Physical Plant on December 6, 2017 and the flashing was repaired by removing the sharp points.

Safety concern reported April 2016:

An employee/student reported three dark areas on campus after dark between Talkington Hall and SAC Hall and the gazebo. Physical Plant indicated these areas should have plenty of lighting.

Action taken by the safety committee:

The committee asked Security to check out these areas after dark and it was reported the darkness concern was due to burned out lights.  A work request was filed with Physical Plant to replace the burned out lights.

Safety concern reported april 2016:

An employee on the landscape team said the tree in the middle of the campus fountain is hollow and over half dead and is a falling hazard, especially during a wind storm.  He said it is past its 60-70 year life span and it should be cut down. 

Action taken by the safety committee:

The committee agrees to contact the President with our recommendation to cut it down after graduation in a month’s time.

Safety concern reported april 2016:

Associated Students of Lewis-Clark State College (ASLCSC) wanted to report speeding on 4th St through the parking lots.  This is an ongoing safety complaint.  Many things have been done to reduce the speeding including speed bumps, stop signs and speed limit signs, but speeding continues to be a problem. 

Action taken by the safety committee:

 A couple more speed limit signs was suggested or planting an LCSC Security Officer with a “speed gun” from 10:00 to noon to prevent people from speeding during a high traffic time.  Security responded to these suggestions indicating they have several more 10 mph signs on order and they are looking into the florescent yellow cross-walk signs that are used frequently at grade schools.  Security does not have access to or own a speed gun. 

Safety concern reported several years in a row:

The visibility is blocked for cars turning left from 6th St. onto 11th Ave. at the southeast corner of campus by the trunk of a large sycamore tree on the northwest corner of that intersection. 

Action taken by the Safety Committee:

A new wrought iron fence will allow for substantially increased visibility at the intersection and alleviate the problems reported over the past several years.

Safety concern reported february 2016:

Students reported to the Vice President of Associated Students of LCSC (ASLCSC) that they are having difficulty crossing the street safely on the north side of campus.  The students suggested a cross-walk sign at 6th St. and 7th Ave., and a cross-walk and a cross-walk sign on 7th Ave. near the Library to resolve this issue.

Action taken by the Safety Committee:

As this is city property the Vice President of ASLCSC will go to the city traffic advisory counsil to request cross-walks and signs be installed on 7th avenue so students and other pedestrians can cross safely. 

safety posters for fy16:

The committee enlisted the assistance of the Associated Students of Lewis-Clark State College, ASLCSC, to choose the content of the safety posters this year.  ASLCSC arrived at six safety concerns they feel are the most pressing issues for any student:  alcohol consumption, stress management, motorcycle safety, safe driving, safe sex, and on a different note, educating students about all the security services available at LCSC.  The graphic arts students are assisting by creating the posters on each of these issues to educate, promote, and encourage safe behavior.  The posters will be displayed in the Student Union Building with a banner asking students to vote for the poster they feel represents the biggest safety hazard for students. The posters with the most votes will be printed and displayed in each building on campus to encourage safe practice.  With the Cabinet’s approval the posters and the voting process will be shared with the high schools in Lewiston and Clarkston.  

Safety concern reported april 2014:

A member of the Safety Committee identified an ongoing issue for the campus, the need to handle hazardous waste in a timely and accurate manner.   

Action taken by the Safety Committee:

The Director of the Physical Plant included the recommendation from the Safety Committee on their Unit Action Plan to create and fund an Environmental Safety/Industrial Hygiene specialist to deal with hazardous waste handling, disposal and storage for the entire campus.  This request is pending.

Update on Safety Concern Reported in April 2012:

The parallel parking on 11th Avenue between 4thand 6th streets was reported as a safety hazard. They would like to see the parking spots eliminated. Matt Graves indicated that the street belongs to the city and LCSC does not have control on what the city chooses to do.  Matt has tried to encourage the city many times to eliminate the parking spots to no avail.  The city indicated the next time they work on maintenance on 11th Avenue, they will tar over the parking spots at our request. However we have to wait until the city's next scheduled maintenance on 11th Avenue.   

UPDATE April 2015:

The city will be completing routine street preservation on 11th Ave between Prospect Ave & 7th St. sometime between June 15th and July 31st  2015. LCSC Administration has given the city approval to re-stripe the centerline and relocating it to the center of the road.  When the centerline is relocated it will be moved south, eliminating all the existing on-street parking. The safety committee requested this years ago from the city to protect pedestrians, and prevent car accidents and is happy to see this project will come to fruition this summer.

Reported Safety Concern (4-15-15):

Erick Cummings wanted to report a safety issue.  When the Mechanical Technical building was evacuated this spring students were sent out the back door, but Erick discovered students were still coming in the front door after the evacuation. 

Action taken by the Safety Committee:

Barb said she would train a new building evacuation coordinator (BEC) and new building evacuation monitors (BEMs) in that building to make sure evacuation is successful with all doors being guarded so no one enters or re-enters the building during an evacuation.

get the word out about safe winter driving (November 2014):

Administration tasked the committee with getting the word out about safe winter driving.

action taken by the safety committee:

The Safety Committee enlisted the help of Diane Driskill and Andy Tuschhoff’s five graphic art students to create their own design/poster to promote safe winter driving. Phil Liggins from the “skid shop” provided guidance to the students before they began their first drafts. The safe driving posters were displayed at LCSC, Clarkston High School and Lewiston High School with a banner asking people to vote for their favorite poster.  All three schools choose “Drive Slow in the Snow” as their favorite and that poster is now displayed at various locations on all three campuses.

new Reported Safety Concern:

Fisher systems emergency notification system in some buildings is not loud enough for people to hear from their offices on campus and it is not available in some dorms.

action taken by the safety committee:

Security discovered a new mass emergency notification system for cell phones call Now Force.  It is a free application that includes a panic button with a drop down box to add details to any reported emergency. The first training session is Feb 19, 2015 and after that Security will begin to offer it on a voluntary basis to students, staff and faculty.

New reported safety concern:

People drive too fast on 6th Street between campus and the parking lots.

action taken by the safety committee:

Barb Pierce the Director of Security talked to the city and the city does not have money to install two to three speed bumps on 6th Street.  However, the City Traffic Advisory Committee is still reviewing our request for speed bumps on 6th Street, and if approved, the college would purchase and install them.  This is still pending as of February 2016.