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Residence Life

FAQ's + Res Life Policies things you need to read and know

Residence Life Policies - Residence Hall and Off-Campus Residents

Here are the rules each student living on campus must know and follow.  And while we are talking about rules, here is LCSC's Student Code of Conduct and Title IX information (sexual assault / sexual harassment). 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I apply for a room if I haven't registered for classes?

Yes. You must have been issued at least tentative acceptance from the Admissions Office, completed and signed the License Agreement, and paid the $200 deposit before a room is assigned. Students are allowed to register for classes throughout the year, but you cannot be issued a room unless you have been accepted for admission to Lewis-Clark State College.

Is there an application deadline?

No, we do not have a deadline.  We do suggest that you apply for housing as soon as you decide you are attending LCSC.  As we fill assignments for early applicants your options become limited.  The earlier you apply and pay your housing deposit the more likely you are to get your top choice for housing. 

What is my address?

Your address will be:

Your Name
Lewis-Clark State College
500 8th Avenue
Your residence hall and room #
Lewiston, ID 83501

You will need to use the address above for all packages and letters. The Lewiston Post Office separates all of LCSC's mail which is then delivered to campus in bulk each day. If your address is not correct, you might not receive your mail. This address is also used for all Express Mail, DHL, UPS or Federal Express. The Campus Mail room appreciates you receiving your mail by using the format above.  You will be notified by the Office of Residence Life when you receive packages along with instructions of the times and place to pick up the package.

You may purchase postage at the mail room in Sam Glenn Complex, lower level. They do not sell actual stamps, but they can weigh your envelope or package and provide postage for it.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

Go to http://www.lcsc.edu/residence-life/ and click on Housing Maintenance Request Form, or email reslife@lcsc.edu. Please submit a maintenance request as soon as you notice any problem in your suite, room or building. When possible, we respond within 24 hours, especially when it is for a replacement light bulb, smoke detector battery or clogged sink. If it is something more involved, we try to respond within 72 hours. If you place a maintenance request and it is not resolved within 72 hours, please contact us to inquire regarding the status.

When is mail delivered to my mailbox?

The Resident Assistants deliver the mail Monday-Friday to each of the halls. The mail is distributed into your assigned mailbox, for which you have been given a key or a combination. The mail is picked up from the LCSC Campus Mailroom each week day. It is then sorted for each hall and put into the box for pickup by the RAs. Mail is normally distributed into student mailboxes in the halls by 6 p.m. The campus does not receive weekend mail. If you are expecting a Federal Express, DHL, UPS or package delivery, you will receive an email from the Residence Life office that you have a package and state where to pick it up. If you are expecting a package, please make sure to check your email by 4 p.m. on Friday in order to receive your package before the weekend, as there is no mail/package service on the weekend.

When will I receive roommate information?

We typically send out the first batch of roommate assignments before the end of May. As long as you apply before May 5th, the Office of Residence Life does our best to provide accurate roommate information. Often students sign up for housing and then decide not to come. Throughout the summer, as additional students sign up or cancel, we will email previously assigned students with new roommate information. Please check your LC email throughout the summer.

What happens if I don't know my ID number when I apply?

The Office of Residence Life can look the ID# up in the student database. However, if you know your number you should include it on your housing application.

What furniture is provided for my room?

Clark Hall, Talkington Hall & Parrish House: The furniture in your bedroom includes: bunk beds (extra long twin), study desk(s), study chair(s) and a wardrobe with two drawers.

Clearwater Hall is furnished with a sofa, coffee table, dining table and chairs, full size refrigerator and microwave. The bedrooms are each furnished with a twin bed (extra long twin), a study desk and chair and a wardrobe with two drawers. The bedrooms each have their own heating & air conditioning. Since there are kitchenettes you will want to have a few microwaveable pans, dishes, and please bring wastepaper baskets. Shower curtains are provided. Clearwater Hall has wireless internet and there are television cable hookups in each private bedroom and in the living space. There is one telephone in the common area of each suite.

What should I bring with me when I move in?

Personal Items: We suggest bringing items that will help your room feel like home, items such as: posters, pictures, fan, pillows, linens/blankets (twin extra long), towels & wash cloths, computer, and a desk lamp. You will be responsible for cleaning your own suite, so please bring cleaning supplies.  Residence Life provides one vacuum cleaner per floor that all students are welcome to use.  Students can choose to bring their own vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Supplies: If you live in Clearwater Hall or Parrish House please make sure you bring your cleaning supplies. It is helpful to check with your suitemates to see what they plan to bring, or just getting together when you arrive to set up a cleaning scheduling and go on a supplies shopping trip. The Office of Residence Life stocks each of the suites with one roll of toilet paper, but it is your responsibility to furnish toilet paper for the rest of the year. If light bulbs need replacing, please complete the form listed on our website at: http://www.lcsc.edu/reslife/Repairs.htm

Please do NOT flush paper towels, tissues or anything other than toilet paper; other items will clog the toilets and you will have to wait until the LCSC Physical Plant can fix the problem.



Can we have a microwave?

Yes, you can have microwaves, not greater than 700 watts. If you are living in Clark Hall or Talkington Hall, there is one microwave located in the kitchen. (See below for Clearwater Hall )

Can I have a refrigerator?

You may have a refrigerator in your room as long as it is no larger than 4.6 cubic feet. If you are in Clearwater Hall, one full size refrigerator is provided in each suite. (See below for Clearwater Hall)

Clearwater Hall (kitchenettes)

The kitchenettes include cabinet space, sink, one microwave and one full size refrigerator. It is the responsibility of the residents to provide any cookware, dishes, silverware, glasses, etc., as well as cleaning supplies. The units are similar to renting an apartment, however there is no stove. The residents need to provide items for the kitchen.

Where do I get my ID card?

You obtain your Warrior One card from the Student Union Building Information Desk. If you live in Clearwater Hall, Clark Hall, or Parrish House you will need the card before you can obtain access to your building and room/suite.

Where do I get my meal ticket?

Your meal access is coded onto your WarriorOne ID card. when you get your card 'swiped' at the SUB Info Desk or Residence Life to have your room information encoded on the card.  Meal plans are mandatory in Clark Hall, Clearwater Hall, and Talkington Hall. 

Any commuter student, faculty or staff is able to purchase a meal plan.  


Is there Internet?

The entire campus is wireless, including all residence halls. During high usage times, for example finals, LCSC IT will prioritize Internet bandwidth use, the priority is academic sites first, and entertainment sites second (ie, Netflix, HULU, etc).

Is there cable TV?

Free CableOne expanded basic cable is provided in the common area of every residence hall. There is a cable connection in each living room in the suites in Clearwater Hall and College Place. TVs are not provided in individual suites/bedrooms, but each hall has at least one common area with a 50-inch screen TV.

Is there any phone connection in the room?

Phone jacks are installed in all rooms, but students will need to call individually to activate the phone line. Students are required to provide their own phone. Local calls are free; if you want make long distance calls, you will need to purchase a calling card. There is a phone provided in the common area of each Clearwater suite, and phone jacks in each individual room.

Where do I get my parking permit?

Your parking permit may be purchased from the Security Office which is located on the main floor of Meriwether Lewis Hall (MLH). You will need your driver's license and car license plate number for the permit. You can download a parking permit from the Security website or complete one at the Security Office. 

Where do I park?

Clark Hall - a parking lot is adjacent to the building, on 4th St, or across 4th St or 11th Ave.

Talkington Hall - residents may park anywhere on campus but there is a lot directly to the west (across 4th St) that is very close to the building.

Parrish House - residents may park on the north side of the street (in front of Parrish) or in main campus parking lots. The residents are not to park on the south side of the street in front of the private homes, in hospital parking lots, or in the doctor's office parking lot.

Clearwater Hall - residents and visitors are to park in the D Street parking lot: Clearwater Hall is listed as 6 on the map.  The parking lot is in orange, listed with 111 parking spaces. 

Where do I pay my fees?

Fees are paid to the Cashier’s window in the Administration Building. Fees are due by the fifth day of class, unless other financial arrangements have been made. Learn more.

Can we have pets?

NO - AQUARIUM FISH are the only pets allowed in the residence halls. We do not allow any turtles, frogs, hermit crabs or any other aquarium living pet.

Can I have a room to myself?

Most suites in Clearwater Hall have private bedrooms with 14 double rooms. Talkington Hall has a few single rooms, the others are shared. Parrish House has a few single bedrooms. Clark Hall is mostly two person bedrooms.

If at any point during the year a suite has only a single occupant, that occupant will be required to move to an available space in another dorm/suite.  Residence Life does not allow a single person to live alone in a multi-bedroom suite.

What happens if I lose my keys?

Lost keys must be reported immediately to Residence Life. Some students have metal keys and some students have access through their LCSC Warrior One card.  Pricing for the keys are as follows:



Metal Room or Building Key


Mailbox Key


Warrior One Card


Lockouts: The first three lockouts per semester are free.  After that, the charge is $5 each time for each additional lock out.

Please refer to the Residence Hall Policies for further answers to questions you may have.

We look forward to your arrival on campus!

For more information contact the Office of Residence Life (208) 792-2053 or email us at reslife@lcsc.edu.