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8-Week Sections

Each semester we offer a limited number of accelerated 8-week courses.  These sections are identified by an "A" or "B" following the section number.  Before enrolling in these sections, please be aware of the following:

  • All 8-week courses have a shorter 3-week refund period which differs from the traditional semester.
  • Your charges and financial aid awards are based on your total enrolled credits for the semester, including all traditional semester and 8-week courses.
  • If you are a federal financial aid recipient, be sure to obtain enrollment confirmation at the start of each class to prevent issues with your student account or financial aid eligibility.
  • Once your schedule (and financial aid award letter, if applicable) is finalized, please contact Student Accounts (208-792-2790, RCH 102)  to discuss payment plan options if your balance will not be paid in full by the fee payment deadline on Day 5 of the semester.


8-Week Student Handout

8-Week Timeline - Fall 2020

8-Week Timeline - Spring 2021