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Behavior Response Team

The Behavior Response Team is a committee that operates under the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs and addresses concerns and issues related to student behavioral problems and risks as well as individual or campus safety.  This group is also tasked with monitoring and reviewing policies and procedures tied to Title IX, the Student Code of Conduct, and Campus Security.  Its membership includes the Title IX Coordinator, the Human Resource Services Director/Affirmative Action Officer, the Director of Campus Security, the Director of Residence Life, and the Director of Student Counseling Center. This alliance between members of the campus community coming together to solve interrelated issues allows the team to make decisions that are thoroughly reviewed, are consistent with campus policy, and promote fairness for all parties involved. 

All matters vetted by the Behavior Response Team are treated with the utmost sensitivity as each member will have access to information concerning individual student behavior, and in specific instances, individual faculty or staff behavior. All applicable laws, including FERPA, govern the work of the team. Each member engages in annual FERPA training and subsequent to the training signs a Behavior Response Team Confidentiality Form. 

  • Vice President for Student Affiars 
    • Reid Centennial Hall, Room 112
    • 208-792-2218
    • studentaffairs@lcsc.edu
  • Director of Human Resource services
    • Administration Building, Room 102
    • 208-792-2269
    • hr@lcsc.edu
  • Director of Campus Security
    • Meriwether Lewis Hall, Room 110
    • 208-792-2226
    • security@lcsc.edu
  • Director of Student Counseling 
    • Sam Glenn Complex, Room 212
    • 208-792-2211
    • oslws@lcsc.edu
  • Director of Residence Life
    • Talkington Hall 
    • 208-792-2053
    • reslife@lcsc.edu