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Lewis-Clark State College's Purchasing Department is responsible for all purchases made campus-wide.

This page is designed as a guide to give departments an overall understanding of pertinent State of Idaho statutes and Purchasing Department rules, policies, and procedures. The most common procedures and policies have their own pages (linked in the navigation to the left). If you have a question that is not addressed, please contact Purchasing.

More information may also be found in the LCSC Policies and Procedures Manual at 4.111.

*Deviating from any of the policies and procedures put into place by LCSC and the State of Idaho could jeopardize the college’s local purchasing authority.*

Delegated Authority

The College has a delegated authority to purchase property and/or services expected to cost $50,000 or less.  Costs are determined as one-time purchases of property or the total cost of a contract for services, including renewal or extension periods, costing less than $50,000. See Dollar Amounts for more information.

Photocopiers and Faxes

There are Statewide Contracts for the purchase and lease of photocopiers and facsimile machines that fit most of the needs of departments. Contact the Purchasing Department for more information.

Contracts, Leases, and Time Purchases

All leases, contracts and time purchases must be processed by the Purchasing Department. Departments are not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of LCSC. Contracts for the purchase of goods or services must be reviewed by the Purchasing Director.

Vehicle Leases: The State Division of Purchasing processes all leases for vehicles. Contact the Purchasing Department for more information.

Conflict of Interest

The College, in compliance with Idaho Code 67-702 concerning Ethics in Government and 67-5726, concerning Prohibitions, and policies set forth by the Office of the State Board of Education, prohibits purchases from State employees.

Sales and Use Tax Exemption

LCSC is exempt from paying taxes in the State of Idaho.  Purchases obtained out of state are subject to that state's tax. Find a copy of LCSC’s Tax Exempt Certificate on the Forms page.

Questions? Please contact Purchasing at (208) 792-2288.