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Making Purchases Who will be placing the order?

Orders Placed By Department

Before departments place an order:

For purchases under $2,000, contact Purchasing to get a PO number. All orders must have a PO number.

For purchases between $2,000 and $10,000.00, enter a req in Colleague, letting the system assign a requisition number. Purchasing will assign a PO number after all approvals have been obtained.


Other factors to consider:

Check to see if the item is available on a Statewide Contract. Most are mandatory use, meaning that departments purchasing the specific product or service are required by State law to use them.

Make sure that it isn’t P-Card mandatory.

To maximize the usage of the P-Card, all purchases from the following vendors require payment via the P-Card if you have one:.                       

  • Enterprise Rent A Car
  • Follett’s Bookstore
  • Global Travel
  • Home Depot
  • Map Travel
  • OfficeMax   
  • Sodexo 
  • Staples 

Place your order and then enter it into Colleague as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the invoice, or for the order to come in. When departments receive an invoice, it must be forwarded to the Controller's Office.

Orders placed by Purchasing

All IT-related orders must have the prior approval of IT and be ordered by Purchasing.

For purchases requiring solicitations please contact Purchasing.

If you expect the order to be over $10,000 (in which case solicitations are mandatory), submit a paper requisition with clear and complete specifications/descriptions. If you know which vendors you want included, write them on the requisition.

For other orders requiring signed purchase orders:

Enter your requisition into Colleague but do not enter a number. Enter any helpful information for Purchasing into the printed comments field. When the requisition is complete, the system will assign it a number. If you have a quotation, email it to Purchasing and reference this requisition number. 

Paper requisitions

Is the purchase total for over $10,000? Orders over $10,000 must be submitted on a paper requisition, with some exceptions. Please contact Purchasing and ask if you're unsure. (If the items are not on a Statewide Contract, Purchasing will need to solicit quotations.)

Online Requisitions

Orders under $10,000 will be processed in Colleague.