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 Quest Integration

Images and models created in SolidWorks® software courtesy of Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp., Waltham, MA, USA.

NOTE: Some files located in Teaching Resources will require Adobe Reader; others will require downloading a zip file and opening them on your computer. Some files are very large and may take some time to open.

The following STEM Reflective GuideS Are designed to use with any of the projects contained within the teaching resources.

Stem Reflective Guide 1

This guide is designed for students who have been introduced to basic principles of solid modelling. STEM concepts covered are: Friction, Volume and Surface Area, Molecular Structure, Injection Molding, and Mold Design. STEM Reflective Guide - Concepts When Designing a Bushing 

Stem Reflective Guide 2

This guide can be used after students have completed the dragster design activity from Solid Works. STEM concepts covered include: properties of Carbon Dioxide, Trigonometry, and Wood Harvesting.
STEM Reflective Guide - Concepts When Designing a Dragster

Stem Reflective Guide 3

This guide is best used after students have completed the hydraulic cylinder designing activity. STEM concepts covered include: Areas, Work, Pressure, Hydraulic lever, Gas law, and Hydraulic Circuits.
STEM Reflective Guide - Concepts Learned When Designing a Hydraulic Cylinder

Teaching Resource Projects

Bridge Design Project

CO2 Car Design Project

Race Car Design Project

Simulation 2011

SW Technical and Vocational Tutorial

Windmill Project

Mentor Handbook and List Serve for Communicatioins

Learning Videos


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