Native American, Minority & Veterans' Services

The Piamkinwaas Center

Pi'amkinwaas "The Gathering Place". Address: 1112 7th Street.

The Pi'amkinwaas - American Indian Center for Educational Excellence - promotes a positive learning environment which provides student support services and consideration to the unique cultural and community values of American Indian people. The center is respectful and inclusive of student representatives of all Nations.

Computer Resources

The Pi'amkinwaas offers a computer lab that is available to students 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday thru Friday unless otherwise posted.

Tutorial Services

Math and English composition tutorial services are provided to students utilizing the center throughout each academic semester.

Coordinating Resources

The Pi'amkinwaas coordinates with the Native American, Minority & Veterans' Services Office to ensure American Indian students receive adequate student support services which include assistance with admissions, financial aid and academic advising.