Library Policies Interlibrary Loan

COVID-19 - ILL requests may take longer than normal to fulfill due to reduced staff and that many libraries are closed or not lending items through ILL.

The Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL) provides current LCSC students, faculty, and staff with access to materials not available at the LCSC Library.

Once an ILL request is initiated, Library staff verifies the patron information and selects a loaning library to fulfill the request.  If the patron has fines or overdue materials, the ILL request will not be fulfilled. 

The Library staff uses the OCLC WorldCat system to request an item when it is not available at the Library.  Patrons must complete an ILL form to initiate a request.  Patrons must indicate on the form whether they are willing to pay for the requested item.  Charges from loaning libraries can range from $3 to $20.  The Library will make every effort to obtain an item at low or no cost.  The patron is responsible for all charges once the request is sent via OCLC. 

Articles  ILL - Article Request
- Turnaround time takes at least one week.  Articles will be sent to patrons via LCMail.

Books & Media  ILL - Book Request
-  ILL requests for books and media take two weeks and possibly longer due to COVID-19. Always allow as much time as possible.

- The LCSC Library does not process ILL requests for textbooks.



Updated 07-20-20 LB