International Programs


International students who are entering their first year of college level study, transfer students with less than 14 credits, and transfer students who have not yet completed developmental math and/or English courses will initially be advised through the Advising Services Office.  Students who are further into their degrees will be assigned a faculty advisor.  Faculty advisors are experts in each degree field and are able to provide extensive academic and career related advising. 

Your advisors will help you understand the degree requirements for your chosen field of study (major), guide you toward your career aspirations, and support you during your time as you explore LCSC and acclimate to Lewiston.

If you are a short term study student, sponsored student, exchange student, or enrolled in the Bridge Pathway Program, the Coordinator of International Programs will serve as your advisor. 


All international students have access to the private advising sessions with the Coordinator of International Programs, Holly Ann Neyer.  She is available to answer all questions related to immigration, US culture or social practices, OPT, and CPT.  Please book an appointment with Holly at: