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The Hells Canyon Institute is a special section of LCSC’s upper-division integrated seminar. In this course students spend the semester studying the history, geology, botany, wildlife, and culture of a particular place, Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge in North America, accessible only by boat and backroads. During Spring Break, the class takes a jetboat into the canyon and spends one week living at the Nature Conservancy’s Garden Creek Ranch. As students learn about the geological layers that formed this canyon, they also learn about its layers of history, people, and wildlife. This course is taught by a variety of faculty and experts, each trained in different disciplines, which allows students to learn about Hells Canyon through multiple lenses. Students work collaboratively to gather research in the canyon, which is then used to produce a semester project (to be shared at LCSC’s annual research symposium). The costs of water transportation, lodging, and meals are generously funded by grants and institutional support. Interested students will need to complete an application and to provide the name of a faculty member who will serve as a reference. Past participants have described this class as “the best class ever” and “the class that changed my life.” Find out why!

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Hells Canyon Institute

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