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Employee Mentor Program .....we want you to have the right start

What is the MENTOR Program?

The MENTOR Program strives to foster a cooperative network among benefited employees, as well as to cultivate a sense of community on campus.

The program provides an opportunity for seasoned staff to share their knowledge and experience with new staff. It benefits new employees by giving them a friendly resource where they can benefit from the coaching, guidance and encouragement a mentor can provide. Experienced staff gain a fresh perspective and develop new relationships. The college builds a stronger and more cohesive community. The program is optional but strongly encouraged.

Puzzle piece with the word mentor


A mentor is an experienced LCSC employee who has volunteered to help guide new employees.  Here are a few tools and information to help our mentors get oriented with the program.

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A mentee is a new employee who has chosen to have a mentor.  Here are a few resources and informaton to help our mentees get the most out of the program.



PSO Mentors CSO Mentors
Bond, Sheila  Patterson, Cindy Brand, Mindy
Boyd, Sandra Peasley, Rachel Bond, Amy
Cole, Teresa Reynolds, Kevin Chrisman, Theresa
Cole, Tim Swift, Vikki Greco, Amanda
Crea, Julie Toth, Courtney Gourluck, Debbie
Lybyer, Debra Tuschhoff, Kim Higgins, Diana
Meek, Angela Willmore, Sarah  Seward, Jeannette
Noyes, Traci Wilson, Katie  VanSickle, Robin
Olson, Renee  Wolf, Kim  

Please e-mail if you would like to become a mentor or are a new employee and would like to participate in the mentor program.

Our goal is to help new employees adjust and succeed on the job.