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Faculty Senate

List of Senators 2020-21

Leif Hoffmann, Faculty Senate/Association Chair, Budget Planning & Assessment
Lorinda Hughes, Incoming Chair, Faculty Affairs Chair
Jenni Light, Past Chair, Student Affairs Chair
Royal Toy, Secretary

Billy Lemus, Curriculum Chair
Sarah Graham, General Education Chair
Jim Bowen, Hearing Board Chair
Casey Blamires, Standing Promotion Review Chair
Kerensa Allison, Standing Tenure & Promotion Review Chair
Lynne Bidwell, Webmaster




 Natalie Holman  BTS  2018FA - 2021SP
 Alicia Robertson  BTS  2020FA - 2023SP
 Sam Coulter  BTS Alternate  
 Sue Hasbrouck  BUS  2019FA - 2022SP
 Doug Cruthirds  BUS Alternate  
 Tracey Koch  CDA  2019FA - 2021SP
 Kristy Gonder  CDA Alternate  
 Spencer Payton  DONSAM  2018FA - 2021SP
 Eric Stoffregen  DONSAM  2019FA - 2022SP
 Suzanne Rousseau  DONSAM Alternate  
 Bill Hayne  ED  2020FA - 2023SP
 Royal Toy  ED  2019FA - 2022SP
 Mark Haynal  ED Alternate  
 Lauren Connolly  HUM  2019FA - 2022SP
 Bryce Kammers  HUM  2018FA - 2021SP
 Ian Tippets  HUM Alternate  
 Lynne Bidwell  LIB  2018FA - 2022SP
 Guarina Grullon  LIB Alternate  
 Clay Robinson  MaSS  2020FA - 2023SP
 Heather Van Mullem  MaSS  2020FA - 2023SP
 Lee Ann Wiggin  MaSS Alternate  
 Erin Fay  NHS  2019FA - 2022SP
 Scott Wimer  NHS  2019FA - 2022SP
 Brad Goeckner  NHS Alternate  
 Kylee Britzman  SS  2019FA - 2022SP
 Eric Martin  SS  2020FA - 2023SP
 Gene Straughan  SS Alternate  
 Debbie Kolstad  Student Services Rep.  
 Dawn Taylor  Student Services Rep. Alternate  
 J.R. Kok  T&I  2019FA - 2022SP
 Julee Moore  T&I  2018FA - 2021SP
 Brady Claussen  T&I Alternate