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Faculty Senate

Hearing Board 2020-21

LCSC Faculty Grievance Policy 

The Faculty Hearing Board

A.  Membership of the Faculty Hearing Board.
     The Faculty Hearing Board shall be composed of seven (7) faculty members (the majority of whom shall
     be tenured), and two alternates (2) for a total of nine (9) committee members. Members are elected or
     appointed as follows:
     1. Faculty Association: Elects three (3) faculty committee members.
     2. President: Appoints three (3) faculty committee members.
     3. Faculty Senate: Elects one (1) faculty alternate, one (1) Division Chair committee member and one (1)
         Division Chair alternate
                    a. The committee chair shall be elected each year from the voting members of the Faculty
                    Hearing Board. Five hearing board members (the committee chair and four (4) members), plus
                    one (1) alternate (non-voting) member, will hear a faculty grievance and render a
                    recommendation by majority vote.

        B.  Term of Service.
              Members of the Faculty Hearing Board shall serve for a period of three (3) academic years, one-third
              (1/3) of the faculty members being selected each year. No more than three (3) new board members shall
              join the board in any given year.

Name Tenure Status Elected/Appointed By Term
Jennifer Anderson T Faculty Senate - Alternate FA20 - SP23
Jim Bowen, Chair FA20-SP21 NT President FA19 - SP22
Debbie Goodwin T Faculty Association FA20 - SP23
Krista Harwick T Faculty Senate FA19 - SP22
Leif Hoffmann T Faculty Association FA19 - SP21
Natalie Holman NT President FA19 - SP21
Chris Riggs T Faculty Senate - Alternate FA19 - SP21
Gene Straughan T President FA20 - SP23
Samantha Thompson-Franklin NT Faculty Association FA19 - SP22