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English Language Program

Bridge Pathway Program Admission and Curriculum

The Bridge Pathway Program

Old Style Bridge

The Bridge Pathway Program is a rigorous pre-college level of English offered at Lewis-Clark State College. Upon successful completion of the Bridge Program, students fulfill the English language requirement for full admission to LCSC and the University of Idaho.

Admission to the Bridge Program is available for students who do not meet the English language requirements for direct college admission. Students can demonstrate our English proficiency requirements by submitting an official test score. This program is intended to help fulfill LCSC English requirements while earning college credits towards a degree.

Bridge Program Courses

Bridge classes (18 hours of instruction each week):

  • Textbook Reading (2 CEUs)
  • Lecture Note-taking (2 CEUs)
  • Professional and Academic Writing (4 CEUs)
  • Grammar (3 CEUs)
  • Presentation Skills (2 CEUs)
  • Research Skills (2 CEUs)
  • College Success (2 CEUs)
  • Academic Vocabulary (3 CEUs)
  • Civics (3 CEUs)

College Class (3 semester credits)

Start Dates

  • Fall semester: August 
  • Spring semester: January


  • Bridge Program students will attend the new student two-day orientation or the returning student orientattion prior to the start of the semester. Students will register for their college class with the International Student Advisor.

College Admission Requirements from the Bridge Program

  • At least a 3.0 GPA in language classes;
  • At least a C grade in their college class.


  • Students in the Bridge Program will have access to private advising sessions with the Academic Coordinator.
  • The Academic Coordinator will assist students with registration for their college class and serve as a guide for students through the program.