Emergency Information



In the event of an emergency, LCSC's Regroup alert system will send an alert message via email, text message, and text-to-speech call to all students, faculty, and staff.

LCSC's Emergency Phone Notification List (“phone tree”) is also utilized as an additional resource for emergency notification, with direct calls being placed to employees and volunteers.  The “phone tree” notification system is organized to facilitate all-call or selective notification of individual units or geographic facilities (e.g., Coeur d’Alene personnel), as required.

Indoor/Outdoor Warning System

LCSC has the capability to broadcast an emergency alert in and around multiple buildings on campus. These buildings are fitted with a system that features a public address loudspeaker and strobe lights. Harris Field has an outdoor communication system used for games and events which doubles as an emergency warning system for personnel in attendance at events.


LCSC's website features an Emergency Information page, www.lcsc.edu/emergency, as a source for disseminating emergency information. Alert information ranging from weather emergencies to campus closures are posted on this page and the home page.

Direct Contact

In the event of an emergency, Building Evacuation Coordinators (BEC's) are in place to assist with the dissemination of information and to assist with building evacuations. For larger buildings with multiple floors, Building Evacuation Monitors (BEM's) are in place to assist the BEC’s. Residence Life staff is also available to notify students living in residence halls.


Additional methods of communication may include distributing fliers, and recorded alerts broadcast on the campus radio station, KLCZ 88.9 FM. Regular updates will be provided to the news media via the Director of College Communications.