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CTE Early College

Fees & Instructions

What do Technical Competency Credits cost?

TECHNICAL COMPETENCY CREDIT (TCC) Competency Based $10 per credit • Fees paid when student chooses to purchase credits within 2 years • Postsecondary credit awarded only if matriculated as a degree-seeking student at LCSC and after credit purchase • NOT Fast Forward eligible

How do you transcribe your credits?

If Technical Competency Credits are offered at your school, you will be able to request credit once you have finished your high school CTE course, enroll at Lewis-Clark State College, fill out Technical Competency Credit application, and pay the $10 per credit fee. Click here for more detailed info!

Instructions will be provided to the student by the high school teacher/counselor and sent to the student upon completion of the course no later than two years after the completion of the high school course. 

  1. Student must be registered in the Skillstack® badge system. Student must be enrolled at Lewis-Clark State College as a degree-seeking student when applying for transcription of credit.
  2. Complete Technical Competency Credit Application Form with required signatures from the student and a parent. 
  3. Send completed form to:
    CTE Advanced Opportunities
    SPH 203

    Lewis-Clark State College
    500 8th Avenue
    Lewiston, ID 83501
  4. Payment of $10 per credit must be paid when submitting the application to CTE Advanced Opportunities at Lewis-Clark State College.