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Classified Staff Organization

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PSO vs CSO Food Drive Contest

Results are in...


Hello CSO! 

I would like to formally congratulate the PSO for winning the 2019 Warrior Pantry Food Drive!  PSO donated $290 in monetary donations and 176 pounds for a total of of 466 pounds/dollars of food to earn the golden can trophy!  CSO donated $50 in monetary donations and 99 pounds of food this year for a total of 140 pounds/dollars in food.  Together we collected $340 and 275 pounds of food totaling 615 pounds/dollars of food.

While we fell short this year in keeping the trophy in the CSO hands, everyone can celebrate the fact that we contributed to feeding our Warrior families.  Nice work everyone and thank you for contributing! Congratulations to the PSO!


A Note from the Warrior Pantry:

Throughout the year, we have been blessed by faculty and staff anonymously dropping off donations and asking us what the pantry needs. We would like to thank everyone for participating in this food drive—the funds and food donations help us keep the pantry well-stocked for students and their families.  As one pantry user put it, it is about more than just the food—it shows that LCSC really cares about students!


Kim Vogel, CSO Chair