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Classified Staff Organization


Meal Card Student Retention Program

Food insecurity, defined by the USDA as instances in which an individual experiences limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods, is a reality faced by more than a few college students. As you are likely aware, the Warrior Food Pantry was established to provide nutritional support for students and staff. To further these efforts, the LCSC Classified Staff Organization and Administrative Auxiliary Services are partnering to provide an avenue to assist students who are hungry. Sodexo food services has agreed to donate 45 board meals per semester for distribution to LCSC students (thank you Sodexo!). The board meals are in the form of a meal card and each of LC division offices will have five meal cards in packets to distribute to students in need. The packets will also include information about the Warrior Food Pantry along with free meals and food pantries within the LC Valley community. 


  • When you identify a student who has not had a meal for a while and is hungry. Ask them their major and do one of two things:
  1. Refer them to her/his division office to get a meal certificate from the front office person, OR
  2. You can go to his/her division office and tell the CSO staff in the office that you know of a hungry student and would like a meal card packet. Pick up the packet and deliver it to the student. 
  • If your division office runs out of meal packets, you can call another division office to get a packet transferred to your office. The goal is to assist 45 hungry students each semester; and in doing so help students stay in school and pursue their education goals.
  • For more information, contact Julie Crea or Kim Vogel

 A special thanks to Sodexo, Administrative Auxiliary Services, and the Classified Staff Organization for partnering on this project. This partnership and program is part of President Pemberton’s “All Hands In” initiative to support recruitment and retention efforts at Lewis-Clark State College.