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Classified Staff Organization

CSO Officers Leaders of the past and present

Current Officers


Amanda Greco, Chair

Diana Higgins, Chair-Elect

Lailani Farrell, Recording Secretary

Connie Hallen, Treasurer

Moriah Hale, Web Secretary

This years CSO officers are happy to help! Please feel free to contact CSO regarding any questions, concerns, or to share ideas.  cso@lcsc.edu

Past Officers


Chair: Jeannette Seward
Chair-Elect: Dovie Willey
Recording Secretary: Amanda Greco
Web Secretary: Moriah Hale
Treasurer: Teri Ockwell


Chair: Kim Vogel
Chair-Elect: Jeannette Seward
Recording Secretary: Mindy Brand
Web Secretary: Leilani Farrell
Treasurer: Teri Ockwell


Chair: Mark Maland
Chair-Elect: Kim Vogel
Past Chair: Robin VanSickle
Recording Secretary: Jeannette Seward
Web Secretary: Lacey McNair
Treasurer: Robin VanSickle


Chair: Robin VanSickle
Chair-Elect: Cindy Patterson
Past Chair: Karen Schmidt
Recording Secretary: Diana Higgins
Web Secretary: Angel Huddleston
Treasurer: Theresa Chrisman


Chair: Karen Schmidt
Chair-Elect: Robin VanSickle
Past Chair: Amanda Gill
Recording Secretary: Julie Hutchinson
Web Secretary: Maria Johnston
Treasurer: Theresa Chrisman


Chair: Amanda Gill
Chair-Elect: Karen Schmidt
Past Chair: Theresa Chrisman
Recording Secretary: Amanda Klone
Web Secretary: Maria Johnston
Treasurer: Kristina Keener


Chair: Theresa Chrisman
Chair-Elect: Elizabeth Weldy
Past Chair: Charity Goodell
Recording Secretary: Sara Stokes
Web Secretary: Daniel Deyarmin
Treasurer: Kristina Kenner


Chair: Charity Goodell
Chair-Elect: Teresa Cole
Past Chair: Kati Wilson
Recording Secretary: Keesje Mills
Web Secretary: Daniel Deyarmin
Treasurer: Kirstin Jeppsen


Chair: Kati Wilson
Chair-Elect: Charity Goodell
Past Chair: Shannon Casteel
Recording Secretary: Hope Cooper
Web Secretary: Leilani Anderson
Treasurer: Teresa Cole


Chair: Shannon Casteel
Chair-Elect: Patty Dobyns
Past Chair: Cindy Patterson
Recording Secretary: Isabel Sandoval
Web Secretary: Kati Wilson
Treasurer: Teresa Cole


Chair: Cindy Patterson
Chair-Elect: Shannon Casteel
Past Chair: Patty Leonard
Recording Secretary: Angela Nibler
Web Secretary: Lucy Loewen

2008 - 2009

Chair: Patty Leonard
Chair-Elect: Cindy Patterson
Past Chair: Lucy Loewen
Recording Secretary: Leilani Anderson
Web Secretary: Sharon Auer

2007 - 2008

Chair: Lucy Loewen
Chair-Elect: Patty Leonard
Past Chair: Ashlie Anttila
Recording Secretary: Vikki Swift
Web Secretary: Lisa Vines