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LC State's Brand

The LC State brand is more than a logo, color or typeface. Our brand is the sum of everything we are and everything we promise to be.

Our brand is our story. It speaks to our quality, personality, experience, past, present, and future. It is the intersection of how we portray ourselves and how we are perceived. As such, LC State’s brand value must be clearly and consistently communicated.

Our brand is our story. Let’s tell it with pride and purpose.

2020 Brand Rollout

A comprehensive effort, led by the Communications & Marketing Department, to refine and revamp LC State's visual brand has been underway since the college celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2018. In 2020, LC State will be unrolling the revised brand in conjunction with strategic recruitment and marketing inititives. 

Brand & Brand Guide Updates 

April 10 - A Zoom background has been added to the Design Templates page.
March 2 - An #LCState graphic has been added to the Logos & Guidelines page.
Feb. 27 - Email Signature page added
Feb. 20 - Photography page added
Feb. 6 - Official Fonts page added
Feb. 4 - Official Colors page & Design Templates page added
Jan. 24 - Print Materials page & Nametags & Display page added
Jan. 22 - Logo Usage page added
Jan. 16 - Logos & Guidelines page added

Pages coming soon include:
 More design templates (e.g., email signatures, brochures), Apparel,  Writing Style Guide, Signage, etc.

Additional branding resources and guidelines coming soon and will be rolled out throughout the spring 2020 semester. Please check back at this page often.

Why the Clock Tower?

Why center a brand and a new logo around a clock tower? Because LC State's Clock Tower is not your average clock tower. It is unique, just like our students. It represents the true persevering spirit of the institution and the students we serve. By embedding the Clock Tower in the center of a contempory wordmark, LC State's visual brand is one that honors the past and points to the future.

Meaning Behind The Logo Graphic