President's Award for Excellence in Diversity & Cross-Cultural Understanding

The President’s Award for Excellence in Diversity and Cross-cultural Understanding was established to recognize those who have made exceptional contributions to multicultural recruitment and retention efforts, and to increasing multicultural understanding at Lewis-Clark State College.

2020 Sarah Graham
2019 Kerensa Allison
2018 Bessie Scott and Florence Davis
2017 Colleen Mahoney
2016 Heather Van Mullem
2015 Eleanor Downey
2014  Sam White-Temple
2013 Christopher Riggs
2012 Harold Crook
2011 Ray Esparsen
2010 Rhett Diessner
2009 Cindy Carter
2008 Kathy Grussing
2007 Bill Hayne
2006 Steve Bussolini
2005 Pat Clyde
2004 Bob Sobotta
2003 Alan Marshall
2002 Kai Fong
2001 Steve Evans