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LCSC Foundation Award

Eligibility: All full-time faculty members.

Teaching excellence as demonstrated by student evaluations and by evaluations conducted by immediate supervisor, contribution to profession as indicated by documentation of scholarly activities, and contribution to college and community service as documented by Division Chairs.

Procedure: Division Chairs submit nominations to the Provost’s Office
. The recipient is selected by the Provost and President.

2020 Rhett Diessner
2019 Heidee McMillin
2018 LaChelle Rosenbaum
2017 Louis Sylvester
2016 Susan Niewenhous
2015 Amy Canfield
2014 Amy Page
2013 Elizabeth Scarano
2012 Nancy Lee-Painter
2011 Susan Odom
2010 Gwen Taylor
2009 Tracy Flynn 
2008 Rachel Jameton 
2007 Mary Lou Robinson 
2006 Sean Cassidy
2005 Julie DeBuhr
2004 Holly Patterson-McNeill
2003 Tom Mayburry
2002 Richard Moore
2001 Gin Weber
2000 Claire Davis
1999 Joanna Schultz
1998 Bernice Harris
1997 Kim Barnes
1996 Diane Smith
1995 Gerry Ramey
1994 Mary McFarland
1993 Calleen Coorough
1992 Dan Mayton, Mary Blew
1991 Marilyn Levine
1990 Tom McFarland
1989 Margery Donovan
1988 Beverly Walmsley, Patricia Keith
1987 Mary McFarland
1986 Dan Mayton
1985 Steve Ragan