Student Advising Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out who my advisor is and how do I contact him/her? 

You can find the name and contact information for your advisor by logging into WarriorWeb and clicking "Student Planning and Registration" and then to "Plan and Schedule". There you will see the "advising" tab to click on with your advisor's contact information listed.  You can schedule an appointment with most advisors by simply contacting him/her via email or by visiting during office hours.

Do I have to meet with my advisor?

Yes. You will need to meet with your advisor each semester to have your advising hold removed. We recommend you meet with your advisor more frequently to obtain assistance with your future academic and career planning.

What if my advisor is unavailable or we don't see eye to eye?

If your schedule conflicts with your advisor's schedule, try email or phone. If that doesn't work, ask your division office (or for first-year Freshman, contact The Advising Center) to assign you to another advisor by filling out a Program Information Form (PIF).   


If you are a new student to LCSC, visit our New to LC Students page

If you are a current student or are returning to LCSC, learn how to use Student Planning

How do I change my schedule?*

Prior to the 5th day of the semester: You can use Student Planning to add and/or drop classes.

After the 5th day of the semester: You will need to use an Add/Drop form or email the Registrar's Office from your LCMail account to make schedule changes.

*You should always discuss schedule changes with your advisor.

What can I do if i have poor Mid-term grades?

Contact your advisor and discuss your options for improving the grade(s), the possibility of withdrawing from the course(s) as well as the academic ramifications of withdrawing from the course(s).


If you are having advising issues or concerns, please contact The Advising Center, RCH 208, (208) 792-2313.