At Risk Advising Program

The purpose of the "At-Risk Intrusive Advising Program" is to determine those students who are “at-risk” of academic failure based on specific defining criteria and facilitate their college success by strengthening their areas of weakness through intrusive advising techniques (questionnaires, surveys, interaction, tracking, and monitoring).  With the aid of intrusive advising campaign practices,  The Advising Center will collaborate with invested parties to further the academic success, retention, and persistence of our students.

Students who are considered “at-risk”:

  • Provisionally Admitted students - see Freshman - Provisional Admission
  • Students returning after academic suspension
  • First-year students with midterm grades below 2.0
  • Students referred by instructor or advisor

Who are also:

  • Academically disadvantaged
  • Those whose “skills, knowledge, motivation, and/or academic ability are significantly below those of the ‘typical’ student in the college or curriculum in which they are enrolled” (Maxwell).
  • Who have a low academic self-concept
  • Have unrealistic grade expectations
  • May have inadequate study skills
  • Believes learning is memorizing
  • Has a history of passive learning
  • Has unrealistic career expectations
  • Unfocused regarding career objectives
  • Are extrinsically motivated
  • Not able to effectively handle own affairs/low self-efficacy
  • Are not self-disciplined

At-risk students should be referred to The Advising Center.

The Advising Center will track at-risk students and collaborate with advisors and instructors to promote retention and success.  

Contact The Advising Center at (208) 792-2313.