Accessibility Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of accommodations in a college setting?

The purpose of accommodations is to provide access and equal opportunity. LCSC provides students with disabilities academic accommodations in order to ensure that students have an equal opportunity to participate in all LCSC programs, services, and activities.

Will the Instructor Notification Form be automatically given to students every semester?

No. You must arrange for accommodations before or at the beginning of each semester. The Accessibility Services office will not automatically assume the student will want the same accommodations for each class the following semester. Each semester, students must make an appointment with the Accessibility Services office to request accommodations.

I have a temporary disability. Can Accessibility Services help me? What services might be available?

Services for students who have a temporary disability are available.  The application process is the same.  If, for example you injured your dominant hand, we may work to find an assigned note-taker for your classes. You may be approved for extended time on exams.

Is my disability information shared with my professors?

No.  It is your decision to inform each professor about your accommodations noted in your Letter of Accommodations.  This letter will be limited to discussing the accommodations for which you are qualified and does not contain information regarding your specific condition.

My instructor says the online course I'm taking was designed using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.  Does that mean I will never have to ask for accommodations?

No, universal design doesn't mean one-size-fits all.  It is a model that gives faculty, administrators and facilitites personnel a framework for designing accessible experiences.  This should minimize your use of accommodations, but, even with the best design, sometimes classes or policies aren't usable and accommodations are necessary.